Friday, February 21, 2014

If you're going to make a kid, make them weird

Hands down one of the most unexpected joys of becoming a parent: witnessing your child's developing personality. 

I could talk about how unique every soul is. I could talk about how we are perfectly designed to be the way God intended us to be. And that is all poetic and beautiful and so on and so forth....

However (and take note, parents) now is the time to teach your child how to be the fun and funny sort of human you would choose to spend time with, outside of genetic obligation. 

Kids are impressionable, and if you say 'comin' atcha!' enough times, then one day they will make your heart swell with pride and your eyes swell with tears of laughter when they say just that. 

I'm still working on proper application of the comin' atcha in conjunction with the use of air guns, but I don't want to put too much emphasis on that; they are only 5 and 2.5 years of age. I'm not asking for advanced hilarious weirdos, just above average. 

Honestly, I really am striving to teach my children to think off the beaten path. To ask silly questions and come up with off the wall responses. To see magic in the mundane. 

On a car ride the other day, as Noah was thoughtfully looking out the window, he turned to me and asked 'Mom, are my undies drunk?'.

I love imagining what his thought process was before he asked this ridiculous question. He overheard a conversation I was having with a friend about a drunk driver; and his undies do have cars on them. Could that be it? How would you respond to that question? Do you go into an off the cuff lesson on past and present tenses? Do you talk about responsible alcohol consumption? 

(For the curios, I asked if his undies would like some lemonade. I jokingly explained they would drink the lemonade, they drank the lemonade, and then the lemonade was drunk. This seemed to satisfy is silly question.)

This afternoon, Noah was talking about the Hulk. He was talking a mile a minute when he suddenly slowed, obviously thinking, and said to me 'He is back to Bruce. He calmed down. He must be doing yoga.' This train of thought tickled me pink. 

And when he saw that I enjoyed his little antidote he was so proud. I hope that, in listening to him and expressing my joy in him, he feels comfortable sharing his creative thinking with me and then the world. 

Far too often, people (even adult people, not just child people) fear they will look ridiculous or silly if they show their creative ways of thinking. And maybe that is the case in certain crowds. But if parents teach their children that it is ok to be silly, it's ok to be creative and to think outside of the box... then soon we will have a whole society of little, creative, funny weirdos. And how amazing would that be?

So, for the sake of humanity... if you are going to make a kid, make them weird. 

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