Sunday, June 2, 2013

Off the book and unplugged

I made a decision today. Honestly, it hit me like a ton of bricks, suddenly, after my morning run with a dear friend. 

I am deleting my FaceBook account. (Gasp! Shock! The horror!)

For the most part it is a harmless form of entertainment. And there have been several times, like the loss of a loved one, that FaceBook has reconnected me with other loved ones to share in the grieving and remembering and joy and sorrow. 

But for some time now I have been thinking about 'meaningful connections' with the people who are in my life. And what true friendship looks like. And I feel like, to a certain extent, being friends with someone on FaceBook lessens the actual friendship you have. 

I want to be intentional. I want the connections I form with people in my life to be mutually appreciated and reciprocated; not because someone 'likes' a silly status update I post about something off the wall my kids do or say. 

Genuine friendship is hard to find, I realize that. And I am lucky to know some wonderful people and even luckier to call them friends. I am going to concentrate on those connections. I realize it won't be easy; calling or emailing to check in one-on-one is not something I am remotely used to since the dawn of my FaceBook account. But I want the people who call themselves my friends to feel special; to know that they are thought of more than when their name pops up on my news feed. That they are in my heart. 

So, dear friends, let's keep in touch! I plan on writing a whole lot more; half of the things I post of FaceBook are watered down blog posts anyway! So this blog should be a good way to 'check in' and see how we Rodenhizers are doing. I also plan on keeping my instagram account because, well, I have some precious to me pictures on there. 

And I would love to start emailing with anyone who wants to connect in a more personal way. My email address is We also have a skype number that can be called from any phone line, free of charge (depending on your cell plan, of course). Email me if you want the number! Also, if you have an iPhone, we can FaceTime or iMessage till our hearts are content... email me for my cell number if you'd like. 

Part of finding contentment and joy in my own life involves focusing on the people who are in it; weather their presence builds me up, knocks me down, or is of no significance. I feel like this is the first step in surrounding myself with people who really want to be there. 


  1. Good for you! I actually tried messaging you this morning and noticed it was gone! I was going to ask your opinion about a small kitchen appliance ;)

    I have thought about deleting my account, but I use it for a lot of information about Navy stuff. I think I am going to delete my app though...I end up wasting way too much time on my phone and missing out on time with my precious girls - they will only be this little for a short while! I would like to keep in touch and I'm glad you have this blog. I think I need to revamp mine and maybe I'll use it more!

    1. Amanda, it has set a fire under me to blog more, and I started by deleting my app as well! And feel free to email me any time! What is your blog site? I would love to follow you :-)