Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eating elephants

Here's the thing. I'm overwhelmed. In both the good way and the bad way. Life just does not slow down, does it? Day in, day out; laundry, dishes, dusting, moping, toys toys TOYS everywhere. Snotty noses, grumpy moods. And I often find myself sitting amongst it all, bewildered and confused that this is actually my life. That sounds bad, doesn't it? But when did this happen? And didn't I JUST congratulate myself for finishing all the laundry? How has that pile grown? And when did my life become defined by chores? 

I'm trying to eat an elephant. One bite at a time. 

But... amid the fear that I am drowning, that I can't keep up with this life and the maintenance... I see two little smiles and hear two little souls giggle. I stop thinking about the elephant and breath deep, smelling their lavender bath soap. 

It's often hard for me to reconcile the two overwhelming things that make up my life. The drudgery of being a housewife and all the work (oh, the work!) it takes to maintain my comfort level in my home. The insane amount of love that I have for my children. And the fact that the two are not mutually exclusive. 

And while I would much rather be defined as a good mother than the woman who always has the spotless floors...

So I'm working on it. Managing my time. Dealing with the fact that, no matter how much I balk, there will always be a mess. This life we are living, this season, isn't always pretty. Literally and figuratively. 

But, my word, how I love my little mess makers.