Friday, February 10, 2012

Celebrating Parents: Blink

My friend Emily over at keeping time decided to challenge her readers the other day. She challenged us to throw away labels, guilt, pressure, statistics and articles. To strip all of that away and to celebrate ourselves as parents. Read her original post, where she ever so eloquently explains how she came to this crossroad. Then read the success stories of other mothers, maybe even share your own! 

Here is my success.


Just a few short months ago Noah was evaluated for his speech delay. Oh, how easy it was to become wrapped up in his initial diagnosis. To obsess over every interaction I had with him. To want to make every. Minute. Count. To make sure I was doing all that I could for him. Eyes wide open, all the time, looking... evaluating... measuring. 

Then I blinked. 

He just told me he was a gentleman. And that there was no such thing as a Gruffalo.

I often cup my hands around his sweet face and whisper, reminding him that the way he sees the world is a gift, and most importantly, that he is special.

The other morning I was in the kitchen, mixing blueberries with vanilla yogurt. He's jumping, singing, and waving his arms around his baby sister. Then all of the sudden he stopped, kneeled down, cupped his hands around his baby sisters sweet face and whispered 'you special'.

And just like that I knew, he gets it. He always has. 


  1. Oh Bryna, you're going to make me cry again. This story just -- gets me.

    I think I have a tendency to view my kids like projects, you know? I want them to look a certain way, act a certain way, succeed a certain way, etc., and I think that attitude has the potential to do so much damage to my family. It's hard for me to let go and see my kids as people: people I love and respect and who are separate from me, if that makes any sense.

    I think what I love about this story, though, is that you *stopped* seeing him as a project, or a reflection, and you told him he was special...just for being him: special. You honored him and he *got* it, and that's beautiful.

    Not to mention, I've heard him say the word 'gentleman' and it's melting.

    Thank you so much for sharing this story! You're a sweet mama!

  2. Well done! This was a touching anecdote, Bryna. You know how to love your son and, clearly, he will *always* know that. Isn't it cool to see how your little seed of affirmation is now spreading to his sister and then who knows where?


  3. You ARE doing a good job! It's so amazing to see affirmation, because as mothers, we're so hard on ourselves a lot of the time. I'm picturing a darling little boy cradling his baby sister's face...and it's the sweetest image! What a doll. What a gentleman :)