Monday, December 19, 2011

One in a MILLION

Noah is three years old! 

We had a day full of Noah`s favorite things. Bacon and blueberries for breakfast, swimming at the indoor pool on Base, ramen for lunch and then running around at the park.

I found the perfect recipe for a perfect chocolate cake with the perfect buttercream frosting. Once we were home from all the above activities Noah zonked out for a nap and I began to prep for the cake. Only to find I was low on sugar. Must have been all the muffins and pies and hot fudge sauce I had made the following week. Best laid plans, right?

So I made Noah an ice cream sundae with the aforementioned hot fudge... complete with sprinkles. I toped it with a candle and we sang. His face lit up. He blew out the candle and was so pleased with himself, he asked for the `hot again?`. So I re-lit the candle. He blew it out again. This repeated until there was no more candle left to burn. 

What kid looks over an ice cream sundae WITH SPRINKLES?! 

We have one unique three year old. 

Every day I am reminded of just how unique and special my Noah is. I know every parent thinks that and it is so cliche to say, but I just adore his little idiosyncrasies. 

He has an attention to detail that could rival some adults. He can memorize lines from a movie after watching it a single time (even though you might not understand it when he recites it). He is sensitive to the emotions of others. He understands and uses pronouns (!) but can not say his own name. He is creative and funny and sweet. He is different from any other three year old boy I know or have known. He is just a perfect version of his three year old self. As frustrating as it can be to have a child with a speech delay, I would not trade him for anything. It has helped him to fine tune so many other gifts and these gifts make for one unique kid. And, really, can you imagine me having a `normal` kid?! 

Happy birthday, sweet little bird! 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Noah! It sounds like a perfect day!