Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fine, I admit it...

Noah is a picky eater. 

And when the only thing in this whole world that he will eat is oatmeal (which he waits to be room temperature before eating, nasty) our trash can starts to stink pretty bad, pretty fast. 

He poops a ton. In his diaper. Because I have yet to start hard core potty training.

He has been ready to start potty training for about 2 months now. How old is Amelia, you ask? Wonder if that has anything to do with it? I wonder what else I have been slacking off on with Noah because of Amelia?

Both kids are napping. I should be cleaning. But instead I am going to create an even bigger mess in the kitchen and make these bad boys because my love for muffins knows no end. 

Have I mentioned that Noah is a picky eater? And don`t come at me with `hide the veggies in the sauce, he will never know` because Noah discovered a loop-hole; he won`t eat a single thing that I cook from scratch. 

No, really.

OK, I lied, last night he ate some pasta that I made with a creamy tomato sauce. It had bacon in it. I am convinced that is the only reason he ate a few fork fulls.

I never make him sit and eat his veggies. Or make him eat his whole dinner. I let him play in between bites. It`s my fault. But part of me does  not care. Is that bad? I mean, I am sure he isn`t going to start high school having never eaten a veggie. 

Today I told Noah to sit and watch a movie because he was getting on my nerves. Really, I used those words. And all he was trying to do was play with me, he had no interest in watching a movie FOR ONCE. Parent fail. And Amelia was crying because she was overly tired and I almost lost my cool with her. A three month old.

But they are both napping.

And the smell of muffins will be filling the air soon.

And when they wake up, we will all feel better.

And when sleepy Noah was putting his head to his pillow, he told me `loo you`, the first time he has ever said it. 

I love you, too, little buddy.  

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