Tuesday, September 27, 2011

True love

When Noah does something, he does it with all the intensity his little body can muster. And he loves his cousins. In a very real way. 

We were so spoiled and lucky to have the opportunity to spend so much time with my sisters kids. In fact, Emily and her crew lived in the same building as us for the first half of our stay! We could literally take about 20 steps and be at each others front door. Noah would ask to go see Emma, who he calls 'cuz', at least a thousand times a day. 

Noah will get this look in his eye, and you can tell... home boy wants to snuggle. And he means it. He snuggles hard. So sweet.

My oldest sister, Jess, and her three kids were only about 10 miles down the road. When we got hit with the tornado shortly after arriving from Japan we stayed with the Ellington clan. Let me tell you, her kids have energy. And Noah loved it. He loved running and chasing and wrestling and laughing with his three Ellington cousins.

My Noah holding Ameila, Emily's Emma holding Molly, and Jessica's Lorelei, Jack and Matthew. 

What a bunch.

I am so thrilled to have such amazing sisters with such awesome, sweet and adorable children. True love. 

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  1. True love fo' sho'! Emma misses her snuggles with Noah.