Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's the standard gift for your first anniversary from open heart surgery? I'm going with new clothes from j.crew....

I can not believe it has been a year. And what a year! We found out we were expecting, survived an earthquake (or 200), survived a tornado, welcomed a new life into ours... and I could not have done it without my health (or the support of my friends and family, especially Jeff). 

I can not say enough about the Doctors and staff who took care of me at the Cleveland Clinic. Brilliant minds with caring hearts. And my Aunt and Uncle who so graciously opened up their home while I was recovering. There are some great people up in Ohio, incase you were wondering. I am lucky enough to call several of them family. 

Having gone through such a BIG surgery, I now reflect on who I was and what I was thinking at the time. And like the name of this blog implies, life just goes on. Often people comment on how brave or strong I am, but it is all relative. Everyone has their own battle or their own 'open heart surgery' to be brave for. You either choose bravery or you choose fear. Being a parent, you do not have the luxury of choosing fear. Of course I was scared, but chose not to marinate in it.

And the next thing you know, it's a whole year later. And I am healed. I have scars that I see every day as a reminder, but other than that it is in the past. I am healthy. 

Today I am celebrating my health and my life. I have two wonderful children and countless wonderful friends and a family who I adore. I am celebrating the fact that once I am completely healed from my c-section that I will be DONE with healing from surgeries. I am celebrating the fact that Jeff and I can look forward to a life without surgeries (aside from pacemaker maintenance) or traveling to and from the US for medical reasons. I am celebrating the coming year of complete and utter normalcy and the seemingly boring day to day life that is one of a family of four; a family that lives together. In the same COUNTRY!

So a year ago today marked the first day on my path to 'normal'. 

And I know what you are thinking... I will never really be normal;-) 

Happy hearts to all!  

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