Saturday, August 13, 2011

Noah's first week at preschool

On Friday the Director (who is also the speech therapist) shared her initial thoughts in regards to Noah's evaluation. She DOES NOT feel that he is showing signs of autism, but rather a motor speech delay, specifically apraxia. You can read about apraxia here. 

Again, it felt so good to hear a professional's opinion who had spent more than 2 hours with him. And she did say she would have no problem saying she felt like the diagnosis of autism was right if that was the case. Really I don't care about what the label is, I just want him to receive the appropriate care. 

Anyway, I feel like the 'evaluation' process is finally OVER and we can move on to the next step in the process. Progress! 

I am nothing but confident that with a little speech therapy Noah is going to be talking circles around all of us. In fact, just the other day he came up to me with one of his flash cards and said 'purple plum'. Who the heck taught him the word plum?! 

(for the record, I think plums are gross and I don't think we have had a plum in the house in his two and a half years of life)

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