Friday, August 19, 2011

If my pasta is green, maybe my baby's poo won't be

When I think 'dairy free' my brain automatically goes to Italian dishes. But when I think of Italian dishes they almost always include tomatoes and garlic, both of which my little gal pal's tummy does not approve of at this stage in the game. This weeks meal planning has been... alright. Nothing too exciting; I am still getting my feet wet and sticking to obvious dairy free options. (How many nights in a row is it acceptable to eat a bowl of granola with freeze dried berries and almond milk for dinner?)

Monday night was easy: Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. I used this instead of butter and soy creamer instead of milk for the mashed potatoes (which were fingerling... purple potatoes, gotta love em!). And anyone can roast a chicken. But I have to say, if you are doing it any other way than Thomas Keller instructs then you are doing it wrong (and wasting time). A 4lbs bird meant leftovers to be used in other meals. 

Tuesday night was the aforementioned granola. Snooze. 

Last night I attempted a bland-ish dairy free Italian dish. Because in my head any dish that involves a noodle is apparently Italian. I used Trader Joe's spinach and chive linguine pasta, thinking it would add some flavor. And the noodles are green, which is fun and tricks your brain into thinking you are eating healthier than you are. I have discovered that trying to make a meal with two children in the house is (shock!) a challenge. I am all about convenience. Trader Joe's to the rescue! In the produce section you can buy a blend of onion, garlic and shallots already perfectly chopped for you. Not only a time saver, but this way I can use just a tablespoon or so to add flavor while avoiding a gas attack from my gal. 

So a little olive oil in the pan, a glob of Earth Balance buttery spread, spoonful of easy onions, mushrooms (pre sliced!), squash and zucchini (the only thing I had to cut myself) and some pre cooked chicken from Monday night's meal. Cook it up. Again, not rocket science. Served over green linguine and call it a meal. 

My plate was BEGGING for parmesan cheese. 

It filled me up, and the gal did not seem to be upset by my culinary endeavor. But I can do better! I have the other half of both my yellow squash and zucchini as well as a half a pint of mushrooms. Not to mention my easy onion mix. What should I make? It seems to lend itself to more of the same... only this time I will serve it over quinoa instead of linguine and leave out the chicken. 

With all of that (mindless dribble) said... Amelia is content with a happy tummy. And that is all that matters! 

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