Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't tell Mount Fuji that I am coming...

While I am stuck here in the US on kid duty, Jeff is off having whirlwind adventures back in Japan. Jerk.

OK, so he isn't a jerk, and he really has mainly been working 12 hour days to bank vacation time for when we get there and packing/moving our stuff from Misawa to Yokosuka. The packing part was a tremendous undertaking. Not to mention driving a big old moving truck 10+ hours through the night. 

So what does Jeff do to unwind? He climbs Mount Fuji, of course. 

Look at him. So glad my kids have half his genes. 

Of course it's no secret that Mount Fuji is an active volcano, classified with a low risk of eruption. But guess what? We just had an earthquake. Here in Raleigh, NC. Which came just a few months after a tornado and a week before a hurricane. I think it is safe to say that natural disasters are drawn to me. 

So, live it up on that mountain while you can, Jeff. We'll be home soon. Something cataclysmic is bound to happen. 

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Sounds like your husband is working hard for the family; and I can tell that you love and appreciate him very much! What a sweet story you have!
    I'll definitely be back for more!