Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amelia vs. Icecream

I had a feeling it was coming. I went through it with Noah and therefore knew the signs.

She has a milk protein allergy. 

Her first week of life I just avoided any large doses of dairy, like a glass of milk (we drink almond milk anyway) or cheese. I was still using cream in my coffee and was not reading labels to see if any dairy or dairy bi-product was listed. She seemed fine. Bullet dodged. 

Then last week I took Noah to Chick-fil-a to celebrate his first day of preschool. They were handing out free samples of their new peach milkshake. Ya'll, I am only human. 

Then one day I was running late for Noah's drop off and did not have time to make coffee at home. I got a latte. 

And by the end of last week it was clear; full blown milk protein allergy in effect, as evidenced by the content of her diaper. If you have ever dealt with an infant who is in gassy pain, you understand. When in the thralls you will do anything to make your child comfortable (read: stop screaming). I should say that Amelia rarely ever cries to the point where she can not be settled with a snuggle. She really is a very easy baby. And even when I was poisoning her with milk, she was a happy girl. But when her tummy started rumbling, man... she pouted that bottom lip out and told me what for. Heart breaking.

So I am off the dairy. 

Have you ever tried to plan a weeks worth of meals that are dairy free and bland? Oh, I forgot to mention she has an aversion to anything spicy or garlicky, really anything with flavor. And dairy is in stinking everything. Go look at a label. Even if you think there shouldn't be dairy, there will be. It may try to sneak by with a code name like 'whey', but I am on to you (jerk whey, in stinking everything). 

This week I am going to try and cook at home as much as possible with the goodies I got from Trader Joe's (which, by the way, is AWESOME for those with dietary restrictions but who don't want to spend your kids college savings and the OTHER organic grocer). We'll see how this goes. I have not been able to find the time to shower (or pee more than 3 times a day) much less cook. Stay tuned for some fun, bland, dairy free, breastfeeding friendly recipes:-) 

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