Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why would you cut your kids hair with a flowbee?

Yes, I attempted to cut Noah's hair last night. I tried to distract him with a banana and a new (toddler friendly) fork and knife set that he went ape shit over at Target earlier that day. It worked for about three banana slices and then he was on to me.

I thought it was alright last night before bed time. Then the sun rose and shed its light on my child's mullet. Hack job. Way to go Mommies (what Noah is calling me these days).

It's our last day being just the two of us. We are going to start our Mommies/Noah date day with a trip to the salon. 

Poor little Noah and his flowbee-esque hair-do.

Before. Hard to see the destruction, but it is there. Bed head was not working in his favor, either.

After. He said I owed him two lollipops since I made him sit through two hair cuts. He had a good point:-)

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