Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hope and excitement, unadulterated

So many positives have been going on over here as of late. Our journey with Noah is no where near its end, but after meeting with the Director of a developmental preschool here in Raleigh I, for the first time, have some major hope! 

Noah loved the place. We went after hours when it was empty for a tour, and he just made himself right at home. And he took to the Director right away as well (who happens to be the Speech-Language Pathologist). All of the teachers are actually licensed pediatric therapists so he will be getting therapy throughout the day along side other wonderful and unique children. 

The best part of the meeting was when I expressed some of my concerns about Noah's evaluation and 'diagnosis'. The Director laughed and said 'You mean he was uncomfortable with the seven strangers in his home asking him to do something?' She said she had heard the same thing before, and that it was her opinion that when the folks at Early Intervention see a child who is somewhat outside of the box they are quick to label them as autistic. She finds that often a child may just be struggling in one area, and with help, those behaviors or delays all but disappear. She also thought it was strange that they even gave him a diagnosis at all without more formal evaluation.

You know who thought the same thing (besides me and Jeff)? A brilliant, baller Pediatric Neuropsychologist. That's right. Second opinions here we come. And not from just anyone. A highly licensed and well respected Doctor in the field of autism. And I am not just singing her praises because she agreed with me, however it feels wonderful to have my concerns with the first evaluation vindicated. 

So Noah will start attending the Aspen Center preschool on August 8th and I am so excited for him. It is a decision that I know is in HIS best interest, where as before when I sent him to preschool it was just so I could have a couple hours to get things done around the house:-) He has not even attended his first day and I can already not say enough about this place.... HOPE, unadulterated. 

Oh, and what else do we have on the back burners over here? Amelia WILL BE HERE on FRIDAY!! Wrapping my head around a c-section has been interesting (certainly not hard) but I know I am in good hands and that the Doctors just want me to be safe and healthy. 

For the first time since all of this started with Noah I actually feel prepared for her arrival. I felt so lost and overwhelmed before that 15 minute tour of the Aspen Center that I could not imagine having an infant to care for at the same time. But now... EXCITEMENT, unadulterated. 

To close, here is a quote that I was reminded of some time back through a blogging friend  that immediately made me think of Noah and got me thinking about what approach I wanted to take to all of this, as his mama:

Thanks, E, for the inspiration! 

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  1. That is a great quote and great news. I hope the rest of the week goes by quickly for you. :)