Saturday, July 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We got the house! We still have to finish all the paperwork and make sure all the ducks are in their line, but we got it! There was a waiting list, and I had resigned myself to the fact that it might not work out. And besides, I had found the Architectural Digest house. Jeff went to see said AD house, and while it was great, it was a lot smaller than we would need and very hard to get to. Plus with the exchange rate the rent would have tipped the scales at almost $5,000/month. Wowzers. 

But it all worked out:-) Without further rambling (man can I ramble), here she is!

Floor plan:

It is built on a hill, so the finished basement opens up to a (little) fenced in yard with a covered patio! SCORE! Picture of basement:

The first floor has the kitchen, living/dining room and a tatami room. There is also a nice sized deck that overlooks a beautiful wooded area. Jeff said it was so green and hilly. Here is a picture of the living room with the tatami room off to the side:


Bathroom upstairs (the shower and bathtub are in the adjoining room). And yes, that is the washer in the bathroom. Very typical in a Japanese house. There is another deck off of the shower room as well. We assume it is meant to dry your clothes:

So that gives you a pretty good idea of what a modern home in Japan looks like. And, in Japanese standards, it is HUGE at 1784 sqft. I feel so very lucky that we get to live in this house for a few years. And being around all of that green is going to be paramount. Even in Misawa, a farming community, it was rare to see so much green from your home. Besides the fields everything was covered in cement. I have to say, it got a little depressing. So to have not one but three decks (there is one off of the master bedroom as well) plus a covered patio... we are very lucky. 

Now, who wants to come visit?! 

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