Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I was expecting to see her hair color, what`s THIS crap?

I thought for sure that living in Japan and having my obstetric care in Japan meant fancy ultrasounds in Japan. In case you have not heard, they are above the curve in technological advancements in this Country. But each visit I get a blurry picture. One that I can not help but compare to Noah`s from years ago in the States. A couple years in technology land is like a couple centuries in real life time, isn`t it? Shouldn`t I be getting ultrasound pictures that are so clear I can count pores on my little ones rosy cheeks? Maybe the difference is in how we, as Americans, have been conditioned to view the scan. They do one at every single appointment here. It is purely diagnostic. In the States it is for warm fuzzies. You get a tech who will put fun saying on the picture like `Hi mom!` or `Boy oh boy, it`s a BOY!`. Of course they have their diagnostic intent as well, but given the fact that it is not a common, every appointment sorta thing they make your couple goes meaningful. Maybe asking the Doctor in Japan to make my ultrasound experience more touchy-feely is like asking them to make the speculum look more like a cartoon duck. It just does not make sense. 

Anyway, I bet now you are all thinking of speculums and not my cute baby, as intended. 

Here is the latest picture of our little GIRL!

See what I mean?! In Noah`s 17 week ultrasound I could see a close up of his face, his chubby cheeks... when the Doc took this shot all she said was `eye`. But I bet it is a sweet, adorable little eye...

We are about 98% sure this little one is a girl. There was not a penis in sight. The doc would not officially comment on the gender until 18 weeks gestation. I was 17 weeks 5 days. I know...

Amelia Anne Rodenhizer. Nice ring, huh? 

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