Friday, February 4, 2011

Wait, don`t we live in Japan?...

Life has been mundane. Routine. And adventure-less. Sometimes at the end of the day when I reflect on my going-ons I have to stop and remind myself, `Hey, don`t you live in a foreign Country?!` The opportunities for adventure should be limitless! But I have been setting the limits here lately; not wanting to fight the bitter cold and snow or morning sickness or the toddler or the language or the drivers or the... you get my point. 

Plus, we live in Misawa. 

Misawa is in the puke green, Tohoku region, more specifically in the Aomori Prefecture, way up north on the east side. The `Axis of Cool` is primarily in the brightly colored southern regions. Don`t get me wrong, Tohoku can rock a mountain, or a lake, or a hike through the woods... but it is not a big tourist destination. Misawa is a geographical oddity, in that it takes 2 hours to get anywhere worth going. And it simply takes a lot of effort to GO. But living in a quaint, fishing and farming town is not without its charm... it is just without adventure, especially in the winter. 

But wait! Adventure calling!

We are packing our bags and heading north to Sapporo, in the fun red Hokkaid region, for their annual Snow Festival. I am SO excited! We will be traveling to and fro by means of an over night ferry. An adventure in and of itself, we decided to save some yennies and pay the coach fare. Meaning we will be sleeping in a common room equipped with floor mats and japanese style pillows. And lots of other travelers. It will be... something. Wait, no, my mood will set the pace... it will be an AWESOME, once-in-a-life-time experience! 

Once in Sapporo we will spend 2 nights, enjoying the sites including the famous Sapporo beer factory and garden! I am sure Jeff will have no problem drinking enough beer and sake for the two of us. 

Lots of adventure ahead. With lots of fun photo ops. And great family time together. 

Heres to adventures while living in Japan! Kanpai! 

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