Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yes, that is a brand name of a home pregnancy test sold here in good old Japan. You think I am kidding? Take a look for yourself:

I did not check my pee with this particular test, but a few (read FOUR) digital tests and one urine test at the Doctors and... I`m pregnant!

I decided getting my heart all healed and strong and beating like a normal human was not enough of an accomplishment for 2010 so I decided to throw pregnancy in the mix as well. Clearly I am over the top excited but I am as equally terrified, if I am being honest. This past April, before my ticker stuff hit the fan, we were trying for number two, found out we were expecting, and a few weeks later I had a miscarriage. Obviously I was not in the best state physically to procreate, but it was still hard. I was so ready to expand our family. Not like a, hey I want another baby, they are cute, kinda thing but an actual biological need kinda thing. All of that took a back seat once I started to feel really crummy over the summer. 

But I am all healed and well and feel GOOD!

Fast forward a few months and here I am expecting. Terrified. 

What if I have another miscarriage? Maybe the last one was because I had that cup of coffee, I better go buy decaf. What if the vein they reconstructed can`t handle the pressure of pregnancy? What if my pacemaker wires get like, PULLED OUT because of my growing belly? What Doctor am I going to see? The Doctors on Base treat me like I have the plague... AND a second head... Do I need to see a Japanese Doctor? Will they even take me as a patient?

It`s like a ridiculous loop of crazy concerns playing in my head. Although I did go buy decaf coffee.

OK, breath, the beat goes on, right?

There are so many unknowns involved with someone like me with my medical history being pregnant. And there is nothing I can do to foresee the future. I just have to wait and see what happens. That sounds like something I should be capable of, right? Ha. So far I have decided to see the Doctors on Base as long as they will let me while searching for/researching Doctors in the Japanese community. Remember we live in MISAWA, Japan, not Tokyo. So think farming/fishing, not booming metropolis of the future with state-of-the-art facilities.

Oh, and no matter where you are in Japan, they have Socialized Medicine. Oh, hello wrench, welcome to the works. So glad you could be thrown in. 

So be prepared for future blogs detailing my attempts to birth a baby in Japan. Adventures in navigating through Socialized Medicine as an Expatriate! 

That`s a hip thing to blog about, right?    


  1. Bryn, love your blog! How long are you guys going to be in Japan?

  2. We are still not sure how long exactly, at least another year. Jeff`s contract (he is a Civilian contractor working for the US Air Force) is renewed yearly. It comes up for renewal in May. BUT we may have an opportunity to move down to Tokyo with a whole new position... still a little unsure at this point!

  3. Yes, very hip thing to blog about. Keep ordering those hot cocoas! I want you to stay in our little fishing/farming community but I also want you to be around the best medical facilities, so I hope you guys transfer!