Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey day wrap up, Rodenhizer edition

As I write this it is Monday night after a wonderful, long Holiday weekend. Although they don`t celebrate Thanksgiving in Japan (imagine that?!) Jeff still had the usual days off thanks to working on an American Air Force Base. As you may have been able to ascertain from my last post, I love cooking. I was so excited to spend this Thanksgiving together, we three in Japan. Last Thanksgiving Noah and I were in the US while I prepared for a surgery in December, so this was our first time ALL together.

Have I mentioned we live in a Japanese house?

Our little Japanese kitchen was not prepared for the onslaught of stuffing, turkey breast and cranberry sauce! We do not have a traditional oven... it`s more like a microwave with a convection oven setting. It works just fine but does not like to be on for longer than one hour. Plus the instruction manual is in Japanese... on to plan B.

Enter crock pot turkey breast with sausage and cranberry stuffing!

It turned out pretty good, a great attempt using what was at our disposal. The stuffing was actually a bit soggy; next time I won`t add as much chicken stock.

My memories of Thanksgiving growing up include listening to the local classic rock radio station, who hosted a sort of `music-thon` where people would call in and make donations to a certain charity to hear a specific song. The big ticket song was always `Alice`s Restaurant` by Arlo Guthrie. Jeff played the epic ditty along with some other classics... it sounded, smelled and tasted just like Thanksgiving should in the Rodenhizer home in Japan:-)

I had wanted to have our Christmas tree ready and waiting to be decorated during Thanksgiving day so we could look at it while eating (I am such and idealist, I realize) but we all had terrible colds last week. It just didn`t happen. Jeff managed to muster up the energy on Friday to pick out our tannenbaum. Here is what a live Christmas tree looks like, fresh from the store, in Japan:

Here is what it looks like, de-burlapped and untwined:

And here is what it looks like, in its decorated glory:

And here was Noah`s contribution to the decking of the halls:

He`s a jolly soul, full of the Christmas spirit and joy!

It was, simply put, a perfect start to our Holiday season. 

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